As the winter progresses, we all tend to get a bit crazed waiting for spring and time outside. If you’re looking for some winter projects you can do around your home, we have a few for you. Some are simple and will take just a few hours, other are more involved and may require a rental dumpster.

Update your Paint

The paint manufacturers have all released their color or colors of the year. If you’re looking to modernize and update your space on a budget, new paint may be just the way to do it. Depending on the size of the room, this may take a day or a weekend but you’ll love the results no matter how long it takes. Want to check out the colors of the year? Click here.

Rip Out Your Flooring & Install Something New

Are you tired of your old vinyl flooring? Sick of dirty carpet? Consider installing new flooring. Because new flooring often requires removing your old floors first, you’ll want to contact us for a rental dumpster. A rental dumpster will make disposal of your old floors quick, easy and affordable. Wondering what new flooring to install? You may be surprised at the quality and options of luxury vinyl tile and planks. Or, you might want laminate flooring which has improved vastly in the past decade. Those options along with engineered wood flooring are easily installed by an experienced (or adventurous) DIYer!

Renovate Your Bathroom

If your tub is still in good condition but you’re sick of the rest of the space, a bathroom renovation is something you can do. You may need to consult some videos on YouTube or attend a class at your local home improvement store, but you can do it. Whether you take the space down to the flooring or just paint the existing vanity and install a new countertop, faucet and light fixtures, it’s a project you can easily complete over a few days. If you do decide to tear out the vanity, replace the toilet and flooring, you will want a rental dumpster.

Handyman Cans Offer Rental Dumpsters

Whether you have a need for a large unit or just have a few things to dispose of, we have a rental dumpster perfect for your home improvement job. Not sure what size you need, we can help you figure that out too. Call us today at (571) 292-1403 or fill out our contact form.

Reserve a Dumpster

When you’re ready to order your Handyman Cans dumpster, just call (571) 200-4790 or Click Here to get started!

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