As one of the leading roll-off dumpster rental companies, we’ve been asked a few times if we provide covers. Sometimes it’s because people are concerned about rain water leading to their dumpsters going over the allowed weight, but most of the time it’s about privacy because of dumpster diving. Junk collectors drive around late at night and early in the morning looking for treasures in dumpsters that they can sell. Here are a few things you should know before you head out to dive into dumpsters.

Dumpster Diving May or May Not be Trespassing

Every locality has their own regulations; however, the general rule is if the dumpster is on private property, it’s private. That means if you come across a dumpster in a driveway, stay out. If it’s on the street, dive in at your own risk. Keep in mind that, even on a street, a dumpster is not for public dumping.

It Can be Dangerous

If you choose to climb in a dumpster and look around, you are opening yourself up to injury or illness. You don’t know what’s in it and why it’s being disposed of. Landlords sometimes clean rental properties that were abandon and dispose of all types of things. Other times in a remodel, there are many nails and screws that can injury you. Although true hazardous waste shouldn’t be disposed of in a dumpster, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t. Dive in at your own risk – neither renters nor dumpster rental companies are liable for your trespassing.

What About Finding Treasure?

Some people believe there are great treasures to be found in dumpsters, but truly, the only treasure a dumpster provides is the extra space made in its homeowner’s property, the peace of mind they’ll have once they’ve cleared out their unwanted items, and quality of life they’ll enjoy moving forward!

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