Although you may think of your rental dumpster as a giant trash can, it’s a bit different. When you look at your contract, you will notice that there are a few rules associated with the rental regarding filling it. You are limited to a specific weight and everything needs to be below the top of the dumpster. Sounds simple, but we often end up with issues at pickup so we wanted to help you with some guidance before you start filling yours.

Balancing the Load

A lot of things can go in a rental dumpster. Depending on the job you’re doing, some of those things may be very heavy or not weigh much at all. If at all possible, try to load the heavy things evenly. Putting some at the front, some in the middle and some in the back of the dumpster. This makes it easier and safer for our truck to load and move the dumpster.

Load Flat Items First

If you know that you will be filling the dumpster and want to avoid having to get another, try to load flat items first. Things like drywall and scrap wood are a great base layer. Loading things like old furniture and appliances first will quickly fill the dumpster to the top.

Know the Limits

The size rental dumpster will determine the weight limit. Although you don’t have to weigh items before putting them in, know that things like brick, concrete and drywall are heavy items and you may need to base your dumpster size on weight rather than the amount of debris from your project.

Also, pay attention to the top of the dumpster. There are two hazards with overfilling. One, because it’s a roll off dumpster, we will need to lift it at an angle to load it on the truck. During that process things can fall out and damage your property. Second, even if we’re able to load it, driving down the highway at speed can lead to things blowing or falling out of the dumpster. That can lead to an accident or a fine. That’s why we won’t pick up an over filled one.

Handyman Cans Will Help

We’re happy to talk to you about your project and guide you to the right size rental dumpster based on your project. Just let us know what you plan on putting in it and we’ll be able to let you know if there is a weigh limit issue or if you can choose based on size alone. Call us today at (571) 292-1403 or fill out our contact form.

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