Congratulations, you’re renting a dumpster for your clean up, clean out, or DIY project. You’ve made a smart investment of your time and energy. If you’re unsure what you need to do before it arrives, here are three simple tips that should help.

Know Where It’s Going

When the delivery driver arrives, they’re going to ask where you want your dumpster. Knowing ahead of time and having the area prepped makes a difference in the efficiency of the delivery. When you rent the dumpster, ask the dimensions and the space recommended for delivery. That will help you know if your driveway or the parking spot you’re planning on using will work. Planning ahead can reduce problems on deliver day.

Prep for Delivery

Although one of the benefits of renting a dumpster is that you don’t have as much to do as you might if you took your debris in multiple trips to the dump, you still need to prepare yourself for delivery day. Here are some things you need to do before your dumpster’s arrival.

  • Find out from your community if you need a permit. If so, obtain it immediately.
  • Make sure to clean the space around the dumpster of anything breakable or that may impede the delivery.
  • Move your car. If you’re dumpster is going in your driveway, move your car out of the garage and driveway. It may sound logical but we’ve had homeowners call us after delivery and say that their car was in the garage and they need access. We also recommend moving it out of the driveway temporarily to avoid possible damage.
  • Consider putting plywood on your driveway to reduce damage from the dumpster’s weight. Keep in mind that the plywood won’t be very usable after we remove the dumpster.

You may also want to alert your neighbors regarding the delivery. Warn them in advance that you may need to ask them to move a car from the street to give the truck the access they need.

If you’re in the northern Virginia area and need a rental dumpster, call Handyman Cans. We offer multiple sizes, flexible rental periods, and convenient delivery. Fill out our contact form, reserve yours on our calendar or simply call us at 571-292-1403.

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