It’s spring and you’re looking around your yard and know there’s a lot you should do, but maybe you aren’t sure where to start. Or perhaps this is your first year owning a home and you aren’t sure what you should be doing. If you need a checklist to get started, we’ve put it together for you.

Trim Back Trees Over Your House

Trees that overhang your house may give you shade, but they can also do damage. Strong storms can cause limbs to fall which will cause roof damage. Even if they don’t fall in a storm but continuously brush against the roof, your shingles can be impacted. It’s best to make sure your tree branches don’t touch your home or overhang it.

Remove All Dead Branches

Dead branches are much more likely to fall, even without a strong gust of wind. You don’t want that to happen and fall on a person, car or on your home. And, if the tree is on your property but the branch falls onto your neighbor’s fence or shed and does damage, you may be liable. If the dead limbs are too high up, call a tree removal company to safely remove them before they come down on their own.

Shape Your Shrubs

Did you know that when your shrubs touch your home, they make a bridge of sorts for insects? Trim your shrubs so that there is at least one foot of space between the branches and the siding or windows. In addition to giving pests easy access to your home, the plants trap moisture which termites love and you don’t want to do anything to encourage them!

Manage Your Mulch

Your mulch is more than just a finishing touch for your landscaping. It also helps the water stay in the ground so you don’t have to water your plants quite so often. However, in addition to have 3-4” of coverage throughout your garden area, you want to make sure you don’t have any areas with standing water. Standing water is where mosquitos lay their eggs which means more bugs in your yard.

Plant New

If you’ve lost any landscaping over the winter, now is a great time to rework your yard. Landscaping not only provides curb appeal, but it can have many other purposes. If you’d like to see more butterflies, look into plants that attract them. If you want to help the bee population, plan flowering plants for them. If your goal is low maintenance, talk to your nursery professional about what works best in your yard.

Taking care of your home can be a lot of work, but in the long run it can save you. We encourage you to dispose of your yard waste by sending it to your recycling center. They can compost it or turn it into mulch, but if you can’t and need to dispose of it another way, we offer dumpster rentals. The Pitch Crew from Handyman Cans is here to help you with whatever you have that needs disposing from yard waste to your old kitchen during a remodel. Just call us at (571) 292-1403 for more information.

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