Now is a great time to get outside and take care of yard maintenance. Here are three things that should be done each fall to help your yard look great come the spring. The best time to take care of these projects is between now and the end of November so don’t put it off too long!

1. Fall Planting

If you have lots of summer annuals that just aren’t looking beautiful, now is a great time to replace them with some fall plants like mums and pansies. Also take a look at your perennials and see which ones should be re-distributed due to excessive growth. Get your bulbs in the ground before the first freeze if you want them to bloom in the spring. Many garden areas are looking to get rid of trees and shrubs with discounts, so it’s a great time to add them too. Plus, the fall is an easier time on the trees and shrubs for transplanting them rather than the hot summer. Just make sure to give them plenty of water.

2. Pruning and Prepping

Once you’re finished planting, you’ll want to rake out or fluff your mulch. By turning your mulch each fall and spring, you may not need to buy as much to replace what’s deteriorated or sunk into the ground. Ideally you want 2-3” of mulch in your garden area. Fluffed or fresh mulch will make it easier for bulbs to pop through in the spring. Also prune your shrubs and trees. Keeping them at a consistent height not only looks better but helps them grow evenly.

3. Aerate and Re-Seed

If you want a lush beautiful yard next summer, now is the time to re-seed and aerate your lawn. You’ll want to pay careful attention to the areas that kids and pets destroyed this summer. A good rule of thumb for how much seed you’ll need is three pounds for every 1000 square feet. Give your grass a few good waterings if the weather doesn’t give us any more rain. Once you know you’re done watering for the year, put your hose away and cover your hose bibs to prevent a burst pipe over the winter.

If part of your fall yard cleaning involves tearing down an old shed, deck, or cleaning out your garage and you have a lot to dispose of, be sure to call Handyman Cans for a rental dumpster. We will deliver it on your schedule and pick it up when you’re done. It’s a more affordable and convenient method of disposal than many other options. Call 571-292-1403 for more information today.

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