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Are you someone who always does a thorough cleaning each spring or are you the person who puts it off each year because you don’t know how to get started or do it well? No matter whether you’ve performed spring cleaning year after year or this is your first attempt, we have some tips that we know will help you get your house cleaned out and organized!

Create Accomplishable Goals

That means breaking down the big task, spring cleaning, into smaller tasks you can get done in as little as ten minutes. We recommend you have three lists of things you want to get done. Label one as 15 minute or less, the next as one to two hours, and the final one as day long-projects. The final list can be tasks that take two or more hours to complete. Once you have your lists written down, decide if you want to tackle them in the order as you have time or if you want to rewrite them in either the most logical order or the most important to you order.

Plan Time to Do Each Task

Maybe you know that you always have a ten- or twenty-minute block of time while the kids are doing their homework. Write down or enter into your phone calendar during that time of day to do the next task on your list. If you want to set aside one to two hours every night after the kids are in bed to do a larger task, enter which one you’re going to do each day in your calendar. You may want to give yourself some grace and plan for three or four each week in case you end up busy or have underestimated how much time a task will take. The big projects will likely take a day or two on the weekend. Schedule that time as well. Block it off so when you’re asked to do something else, you already have your time booked.

Ask for Help

Although you may feel that you’re the only one who is going to get the job done right, there are many things that other family members can help with. Let your spouse and kids know that each night there will be a ten-minute family clean up if that works for your family. Explain that each day you’ll all either be doing the same task (like everyone cleans out their sock and underwear drawer getting rid of the ones with holes or that are too small) or working together to get the coat closet cleaned out from too-small or no longer needed items.

Some projects may require even more help, especially if you’re cleaning out an attic, basement or long neglected play room. In cases like those, you may want to hire a professional organizer or someone like The Pitch Crew. The Pitch Crew can come in and dispose of the garbage you find while spring cleaning. They can bring a truck or roll-off dumpster as part of their service so you don’t have to go through multiple garbage bags and figure out how to get rid of the old garage sale find you thought you’d eventually refinish that’s sat in your basement for a decade now.

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The Pitch Crew can help you dispose of many items or just a few. We often have availability within just a day or two of your calling us. You can reach us at (571) 200-7851 or fill out our contact form to see how we can be of assistance with your spring-cleaning project.

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