Tips to Make Your Office Relocation Smooth

Congratulations, your company is growing! Now for the hard part, a move. There are many things you’ll need to coordinate before the big day, and unlike a home move, you may not want to move everything. If your company is planning a move, here are some tips to help make the relocation smooth and stress free.

Plan Ahead

There are many things you’ll need before you get to your new space. For example, you’ll want your IT staff or outsourcing company to have already installed your network and have it set up. It may take several weeks to get on their schedule. You’ll also want to make sure the power, water, and other utilities are ready to go a few days before the big move.

Also plan for things in your old space. Have you talked to your landlord about what they expect from you after move out? Make sure to have a cleaning crew scheduled and be prepared to transfer utilities back to the property manager. You may also need to be available for a move out inspection.

Move, Toss, or Recycle

Everything you have in the office either needs to be moved, thrown out, or recycled. Requesting the services of a shredding company, if you don’t already have one, can make recycling unnecessary paper easier. Most will leave a locked bin or two for you to fill and pick it up on your schedule.

If your new office has new furniture and you won’t be moving what you have, offer it to your employees and post to online sale boards. If you have a lot that’s not in good enough condition to sell or give away, call and schedule a dumpster rental so you can dispose of everything easily. Chances are good that your property dumpster isn’t big enough and your property manager won’t appreciate your filling it with furniture.

Although you employees may be in charge of moving their personal items, you’ll want a professional company to move your larger items. Be sure to inform your insurance carrier about the move and ask if your property is insured while in transit.


If you have manufacturing equipment, talk to the vendor about it. You may find that warranties aren’t covered unless they move the machinery. Or they may allow you to move it but they may need to come in and re-tune or re-calibrate it. Just check before moving.

Label Everything

There are few more stressful times for any business than the days after a move. You want your relocation to be seamless to your customers and labeling everything will help. When you pack a box, list what’s in it and where it goes. That will help the moving company put it in the right place and you find its contents if you need it before you’re totally unpacked.

You’ll have many additional expenses in an office move. It also takes a great deal of time and planning. Don’t end up with fines from your current landlord because you didn’t remove your trash in a timely manner or used the dumpster in a manner that violated your lease. Call Handyman Cans and reserve your dumpster rental today and we’ll haul away all your junk when you let us know you’re ready. We can be reached by filling out our contact form or calling 571-292-1403 today.

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