I’m Dumpster Dan, the Handyman Can, and there’s a lot of new activity going on where I work, at Handyman Cans, so I’ll be keeping you up-to-date, with company announcements, industry information, special events, and special offers!

I’m a social guy, so expect to see me around town, in front of all sorts of construction, and clean-up projects, as well as online; on Facebook, and Twitter!

Besides being especially good at holding the stuff people throw out, I like to hold surprise contests, and give out great prizes to lots of lucky participants…but don’t worry, I’ll keep the trash to myself, and only hand out things like gift cards, and tickets to local activities!

You can help keep me busy by letting me know if you have any projects coming up, and I’ll be happy to help make the clean-up process a snap. Handyman Cans schedules me at the times most convenient to you; They drop me off where & when you want, and when you’re ready, they come and pick me up! And if you ever have a bigger project in mind, I’ll introduce you to my big brother Dumpster Stan. He’s always working on commercial construction sites, but I know he’d be glad to help out on any large residential projects too!

When you’re ready to talk trash, I’m your man!

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