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    One of the hardest things to do is clean out the property of a loved one after their passing. So many things in the home may bring a flood of memories, however, you know you can’t hold on to everything forever. Sometimes the hardest part of the process is actually getting started. If you’re trying to get started, here are some tips that may help.

    Go Through Personal Items

    You’ll want to go through file drawers and desks and remove all financial documents, items with social security numbers and any credit card billing statements. Those that aren’t needed to pay any outstanding bills should be shredded. Some office supply and UPS stores offer shredding services. Also take all family photos and other memorabilia that you and the remaining family members want to keep.

    Call an Estate Sale Company

    Many auction and estate sale companies offer their services to help you get rid of the things that are left by loved ones. Find one who can walk through the home with you and talk about how they would handle what remains. Although some will tag and sell everything, including clothing, others only do furniture and larger items. After you’ve hired one, you’ll have some work to do before the estate sale.

    Prepare for the Sale

    If you’ve been advised to clean out the clutter, you likely need the help of a company like The Pitch Crew. We’ll come into the home and help. You tell us what you don’t want in the home and we’ll dispose of it. Whether it’s countless old newspapers stacked in a corner, appliances, or even yard waste, we can help. Just give us an idea of how much you want us to get rid of so we can either bring a truck or a roll-off dumpster to easily dispose of everything in one day.

    Have a Successful Sale

    Once your estate sale company has sold what they could sell and you’ve donated other items to a cause of your choosing, you may still find that you have things left in the home. Whatever it is, chances are good that The Pitch Crew can haul it away. We’ll get the rest of the items out of the home so you can list it for sale or rent quickly. Have questions about our services and how we can help? Call us today at (571) 200-7851 or fill out our contact form. 

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