Hoarding is a kind of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) that compels people to keep from throwing useless things away which results in severe cluttering of their houses usually to the point of in-sanitation. Fairfax County General District alone receives somewhere between 300-400 complaints a year on average We’re talking about years and years of accumulated junk all stored into a closed space. The department sites cases wherein piles of trash have reached crucial amounts that they would require dumpster rentals in Fairfax VA to collect all the junk easily and throw it away properly. Hoarding causes major health hazards to the person doing it and the community surrounding it.

Fairfax County officials address dangers of hoarding at presentation

The article from fairfaxtimes.com states that:

According to Inspector Peggy DeLean of the Fairfax County Department of Code Compliance, hoarders have been around since the 14th century.

DeLean said that when inspectors find a hoarder property in noncompliance, they write up violations and give owners a reasonable deadline to address them.

DeLean cited cases in which piles of trash in homes were five to six feet tall throughout a home, preventing the residents from going up stairs or even entering certain rooms. “We had one case in which a woman said she had not been into her kitchen in at least five years because she couldn’t get into it,” she said. “What we often discover in cases like that is that there are water leaks or even gas leaks that have not been addressed for years, causing all sorts of health hazards.”

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(Article Excerpt and Image from Fairfax County officials address dangers of hoarding at presentation, fairfaxtimes.com)

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