Cherry Blossom Festival is no doubt one of the most attended festivals in Washington DC., and one of the filthiest too. With the amount of people going there to see the beautiful sight, we can’t avoid the wastes that accumulate during these events. Same as any event really, like the ones in Fairfax VA. They have events such as Chocolate Lovers Festival, Fairfax Spotlight on the Arts and Fall Festival to name a few. These events have activities that include arts, crafts, food vendors and lots more which leave a lot of garbage in their wake. Common trash cans can’t handle this much garbage so dumpster rental in Northern VA is really useful because they can accommodate large amount of junk.

An example of trash an event can accumulate as stated in the article from

Plastic-foam lunch containers. A Ritz Crackers box. Rubber gloves. Empty 24-packs of Deer Park water. A Sprite can. A Starbucks cup. Milk crates. Commercial-size boxes of frozen Big-C Premium Select three-eighth-inch straight-cut french fries. All belching forth from, dumped around and cartoonishly piled over a couple of over-matched receptacles as if in some kind of Dr. Seuss book. From one side, the blue and brown cans were no longer visible beneath the crush.

Robert Vogel, superintendent of the National Mall and Memorial Parks, said the situation “wasn’t acceptable” and that he called for additional crews about noon.

“But once you get behind, it’s difficult to catch up until the masses leave,” he said.

If you are planning on organizing an event, keep it clean and orderly because no one wants to stay in an event that has filthy surroundings. Handyman Cans inventory is ready to meet your needs for dumpster rental in Northern Virginia – even at your last-minute request! They’ve taken all of the guesswork out of choosing the right dumpster size so their Residential & Commercial customers always get the best price, best service and best turnaround in town.

They make sure that you know what is able to be put in their dumpsters before you schedule your rental. They are not the business that does a little bit of everything but instead chooses to focus on one thing and do it exceptionally well. Handyman Cans specialize in trash dumpster rentals so you can be assured of their knowledge. 

(Article Excerpt and Image Mounds of trash take the bloom off Cherry Blossom Festival,

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