One trend that’s keeping a lot of trash out of landfills is “upcycling.” Basically, it means turning something old into something with a new purpose. Some upcycling projects are involved and require an investment, while others create something fun out of something old without much expense. If you have some old junk taking up space in your garage or attic, instead of throwing it out, consider turning it into something new and useful. Here are a few ideas:

Old Gutters:

Did you take down your old gutters with the intention of taking them to the recycling center but they’re still in your garage? Look for a section that’s still in good shape and hang it on the side of your home or your fence and turn it into a planter. It’s a great way to create a flower garden that won’t be trampled by the two or four legged creatures in your yard.

Old Tires:

That old set of tires in your garage can be costly to dispose of. They’re another great way to create a flower garden. If gardening isn’t something you love, consider some of these ideas:

  • Build a Patio Table – Simply paint the tires with a quality exterior paint that adheres to rubber and then bolt them together and choose a wood or glass for the top.
  • Create a Teeter Totter – Cut the tire in half and attach a board to the top of the tire. Paint and add a handle and your kids will love their new backyard toy. Here are some detailed instructions.
  • Turn it Into an Ottoman – For inside or out, there are many ways to turn your old tire or tires into an ottoman. Here is just one video with instructions.

Old Bathtub

Did you remodel and tear out an old bathtub? There are countless blogs and videos about turning your old tub into a chair, ottoman or couch.

Glass Bottle Projects

Some recycling collectors no longer collect glass or only collect clear glass. If you’ve been saving bottles with the intention of recycling them, try upcycling them into a chandelier, tree or other decoration. Some of the trendiest restaurants have wine bottle lights.

If you have some old items around your house that you’d love to use again, just search the internet for ideas of what you can do with them. If you realize what you have really is garbage and needs to be disposed of, call Handyman Cans at (571) 292-1403 and we’ll deliver a dumpster to your home so you can fill it up and then we’ll take it away and dispose of it for you. Here’s hoping we’ve inspired you to upcycle a few things around your home rather than throwing them away.

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