According to the EPA, Americans create about 25% more trash during the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Granted, as a dumpster rental company, Handyman Cans is all about helping you get rid of construction debris and other waste, but we don’t expect to hear from you for your Holiday disposal needs. In fact, this week we’re suggesting some ways you can cut down on garbage this entire Holiday season!

1. Create a Paper Recycling Bin

If you don’t already have a paper recycling bin that’s easily accessible, create one. It can be a box, a specially labeled trash can or even a brown paper bag. As catalogs arrive, instead of throwing them into the trash, put them in your convenient recycle bin. Once Holiday cards begin to arrive, put the envelopes in there too!

2. Plan Meals

Did you know that Americans throw away about a pound of food per day! Know your family’s schedule and how many people to expect for each meal. Although we often save leftovers with the best of intentions, they aren’t often eaten.

3. Not Every Gift Needs to be Wrapped

Although most wrapping paper is recyclable, before you use an entire roll on a giant box, consider using a blanket, sheet or just adding a bow. Gift bags are great, but only if you really do reuse them. And, although tissue paper looks nice in a box or gift bag, it’s not always recyclable.

4. Use Your Dishes

Meaning don’t use plastic or paper plates. Paper and disposable plates are often thought of as recyclable but because they have food waste on them, they’re not. And, if you have a newer dishwasher, you don’t have to pre-wash your dishes, just scrape off any leftovers before putting them in the dishwasher.

5. Consider Experience Gifts

Rather than buying more stuff, consider giving the gift of an experience. For example, give grandchildren a membership to a science center or the zoo. Give your friend a free night of babysitting. And if you have a child who loves live performance, buy tickets to some upcoming shows.

There are many other ways you can cut down on waste over the upcoming Holidays. We hope these tips from your local dumpster rental company, Handyman Cans, has sparked a few ideas for you. We’re here year-round to help you dispose of waste, but we really hope your can find ways to re-purpose and recycle. Call us today at (571) 292-1403 if you need a rental dumpster.

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