Unless you’re a contractor or frequent DIYer, you may not have ever inquired or looked into dumpster rentals. If one of the necessities for your project that you’re looking into is a dumpster, you may have questions. We’ve put together some of the most frequently asked ones here to help you understand dumpster rentals.

How Much Does a Dumpster Rental Cost?

This is perhaps our most frequently asked question and unfortunately, there is no one answer. We base our pricing on the size dumpster and how long you rent it for. One of the benefits is that the rate we quote is that it fixed, you won’t be hit with any surprises when we pick it up assuming you’ve followed the fill regulations and stick to the original term of the quote.

What is the Rental Period?

You can choose to rent by the week or month. Most DIY projects tend to be weekly dumpster rentals.

Can I Extend My Rental if I’m Not Finished?

One of the benefits of dumpster rentals is that you keep it until you call us to pick it up. We won’t just show up to get it after the initial week or month you requested it for is complete. Usually when you call us, we’ll pick the unit it up within two business days.

Do I Need to Load it Any Special Way?

We ask you to try to load it evenly, for example, don’t put a large couch in one end and drywall in the other. Try to evenly distribute the weight as that helps the hauler pick it up and move it more safely. We also remind renters not to overfill it. The fill line is there for safety reasons and we may have to charge you an overfill fee if it gets too full. Remember, we can always pick up a full dumpster and deliver a new one if your project is bigger than you initially thought.

I Work During the Day, Do I Have to be Home for Delivery or Pickup?

You do not need to be present for delivery or pickup. We will do everything we can to place the unit as instructed. Many people do like to be home during delivery for that reason alone.

Is a Permit Required?

That depends where the dumpster is going. Some municipalities require a permit if it is on a public street. Others require one no matter what. We’re happy to let you know what the regulations are where you live when you call us.

Does My Driveway Need to be Perfectly Level?

We can’t place a dumpster on more than about a 15% incline. Most driveways can accommodate a dumpster but if not, the street may be an option for you.

Handyman Cans provides dumpster rentals throughout northern Virginia. We offer three sizes of dumpsters. If you’re ready to rent one for your project or have additional questions, contact us today by calling (571) 292-1403 or filling out our contact form.

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