Some people only think to call a junk removal company when they’re cleaning out their garage, basement or attic. However, if you have junk you’re looking to have removed from your yard, we can probably help with that too. Here are a few examples of our exterior waste removal services.

Yard Waste

This is the most frequent call we get from local homeowners. Although you can bag your yard waste and let your city recycling take it away, it’s time consuming. Depending on how much you have, it can get expensive buying all those bags. If you’re looking for an easier way to get your fall trimming, raking and yard clean up removed, consider calling Pitch Crew. Instead of bagging or needing to neatly tie tree trimmings into three to four-foot bundles, all you need to do is show us the piles and we’ll haul it to our dumpster and take it to the yard waste disposal site. Much easier and greater time savings to let us help with exterior waste removal.

Old Deck

Are you replacing your deck? Instead of hauling the old lumber to the dump or even cutting it up and disposing of a few pieces each week in your trash can, let us take it away. Just demo it and we’ll come and pick up all the debris. No need to do anything special. We can also take away the cement footings and anything else you have.

Other Items

If you have other things you in your yard that needs disposal, let us know what you have. Chances are good that we can take it away. Some of the other items we can help with include:

  • Old bicycles and toys
  • Above ground swimming pools
  • Trampolines
  • Concrete blocks, stone and brick
  • Grills

Pitch Crew has teams ready to help with your exterior waste removal – often with just a day’s notice! If you have leaves, dead landscaping, a demoed deck or shed or just miscellaneous things you need hauled away, call us at (571) 200-7851 or fill out our contact form for more information.

Reserve a Dumpster

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