Whether your home remodeling project is inside or outside, a lot of planning needs to go into the job. Making sure you have everything you need will help the project go more smoothly. We’ve gathered the top three things homeowners forget to include in their planning (and budget) when undertaking a home remodel.

1.      Permits & HOA Approval

Both interior and exterior projects may require a permit. Most exterior changes to your property require HOA approval. Admittedly not every exterior change requires a permit, you may be surprised what does. Some municipalities require a permit for a fence! Don’t make a change to your property without first ensuring that you have the proper approval or permits or you may find yourself with a fine or another issue.

2.      Your Stuff

This is most important with interior remodels. Let’s say you’re remodeling your kitchen. What are you going to do with everything from your kitchen while remodeling? Pack it in boxes? Where will you store them? If you’re installing new flooring, especially hardwood flooring, you may end up needing to practically move out of your home for a time. One solution is to rent a portable storage unit. It can be kept on site and accessible.

3.      Waste

With any demolition, you’re going to have a lot of trash to get rid of. What are your plans for that? You can’t simply dispose of all of it in your weekly garbage pickup. Taking it to the dump is time consuming. The best solution is a on-site dumpster. An on-site dumpster is delivered when you need it and picked up when it’s full. If you need another one, the on-site dumpster company can pickup and deliver a new one as many times as is necessary for you to complete your project. Most companies rent the on-site dumpster by the week with no longer term contracts, which is ideal for home improvement and home clean out projects.

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