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As a Fairfax dumpster rental company, we’re often asked if we think it would be cheaper to go with a rental dumpster or just take things to the dump. Unless you just have a few bags of trash that will fit easily in your car on a single trip, chances are good that you’re better off with a dumpster rental in Fairfax. Here are a few reasons.

Cost of Waste Disposal

Fairfax County facilities have different fees for different types of waste. Let’s start with trash. At a minimum, you’re starting at $14. That’s for one bag of trash. If you have six or more bags, the cost goes up to $19. Of course, you can also pay by the ton which is $66. Brush and yard waste can also be disposed of, however, depending on how you dispose of it, the minimum charge is $13. And we can assure you that no one arrives with just a yard waste bag as if they did, they would use the curbside pickup available in most of the county.

Travel & Fuel

We all know that gas prices have done nothing but go up this year. And, if you need to use the toll road, that’s certainly gotten more expensive as well. Add that to the time it takes to get to the facility, wait in line and go home, you could need 3 hours or more per trip. Don’t discount the value of your time when trying to decide if a dumpster rental in Fairfax is worth the cost.

Dumpster Rentals Are Easy and Convenient

Because we offer multiple size dumpsters for rent, with just a phone call, you can reserve and schedule your Fairfax dumpster rental quickly and easily. Delivery and pickup happen on your timeline, whether it’s delivered one week and pick up the next or you need it for a month, you’re in charge. That means you can work on your project and fill the dumpster as you have time. You don’t have to worry about unsightly piles of garbage or yard waste on your property or in your garage. Plus, you save time by only having to move the debris once.

Handyman Cans is Ready to Help

We offer five different size dumpsters. Let our team help you find the right one for your needs and get it reserved for you. If you need help loading it, you may want to check out the services of the Pitch Crew, our sister company. Call us today at (571) 292-1403 or fill out our contact form.

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