It’s been gnawing at you for quite some time, and now you’ve decided to clean out your basement of all the unwanted stuff you’ve compiled over the years. If it’s a good sized project, and you’re like most in thinking renting a dumpster is the best solution to disposing of your trash, you’re probably right. Rental dumpsters are certainly a convenient way of getting rid of trash and construction debris. There are many other benefits like time savings and cost savings, but how do you get started?

Rental Dumpsters Are Sized by the Cubic Yard

We’ve all seen a dumpster, usually at a construction site, but how big is it? Many dumpster rental companies offer multiple size dumpsters but the dimensions are cubic yards. For many of us, that’s not the easiest thing to picture. A cubic yard is 3’ by 3’ by 3’. A few common household items that are approximately one cubic yard including a range, clothes washer, and dishwasher. If you can picture what you’re cleaning up in those terms, you may be able to better picture what size rental dumpster you need.

Know the Largest Dimension

If you’re throwing away large items that are difficult to break apart, you’ll want to know the largest dimension of that item. Then look at the exterior dimensions of the dumpster size you’re considering and make sure it will work for you. Most dumpster rental companies require everything to be below the top edge of the dumpster so knowing the debris dimension and the dumpster dimensions are essential.

Understand the Dumpster Rental Company’s Rules

In addition to the maximum allowable fill level, you want to know a few other things:

  • Maximum weight allowed – For most jobs this isn’t a big deal but if you’re disposing of concrete, fallen trees or other heavy items, you should clarify.
  • Rental term – Ask questions before signing your rental agreement. Some good questions include approximate drop off and pick up times. If rentals are by the week and can you rent for an additional day or two or if that incurs a second week’s charge. How long in advance you need to schedule your return.
  • Payment terms – What forms of payment do they accept and is the entire week’s rental due at reservation, delivery, or pickup?
  • What Can & Can’t you place in a dumpster?

Have a Place for Delivery

A rental dumpster needs a fairly level area that’s slightly larger than the dumpster itself. If you live in an HOA controlled community, condo, or townhome, you may need permission to have a dumpster in your driveway or parking spot. Be sure to obtain the necessary permissions before deliver to avoid a fine. Also, be sure the area is clear for the delivery truck. This may mean asking neighbors to move their vehicles.

Know Your Limits

Renting a dumpster is relatively easy, but filling it with your unwanted items may not be so simple. Far too many people have laid out the best plans for managing an extensive clean out project only to find the old apartment couch they got from a friend was a lot lighter when they moved it into the basement two decades ago!  If you’re finding the task of hauling unwieldy items out of your house may be too much to handle, consider hiring a junk removal company to pitch in.  Some companies will help organize the clean-up, while others will manage the entire process for you, including the dumpster rental.  If you’re concerned you, or one of your moving buddies might get injured on a larger, heavier item, bringing in the pros will likely cost you a lot less in the long run!

However you decide to proceed with your basement clean-out, dealing with the right dumpster rental company is key to your success. You want a company you can count on like Handyman Cans. If you’re looking for a rental for your home or office, call us at 571-292-1403 and we’ll answer your questions and help you reserve the right dumpster or for your project.

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