Spring and summer all over the state of Virginia mean one thing to a lot of residents: getting your hands dirty with tons of yard or gardening tasks. As the temperature begins to rise, so will the greenery surrounding your home in Fairfax. Plants and trees will tend to grow faster and this could mean overgrown grass and bushes everywhere. It is also likely that you will be dealing with clogged gutters and drainage systems, not to mention occasional fallen tree branches blocking your driveway.

Remember though that keeping a trimmed lawn is not just about safety issues. A clean and great-looking garden is every homeowner’s dream – and some concerned groups’ too. The Virginia Department of Transportation has some difficulty in keeping up with the excess foliage so far. This is because thick vegetation on the side of roads and highways can cause accidents when it blocks sight lines at intersections:

While it may seem like it was just weeks ago that drivers were tracking the progress of Virginia Department of Transportation plows, tall grass in medians is now catching the attention of local drivers.

VDOT crews have begun their spring routines of mowing grass, trimming trees and picking up litter along the medians and roadsides.

Major roads, such as highways, primary roads and high-volume secondary roads, are scheduled to be mowed three times per year. Smaller roads and less traveled roads may only get a visit from the mower once or twice a year.

Going back to your turf, the best way to clear your surroundings is by trimming the trees, mowing the lawn and weeding out unwanted vegetation. You would also have to get rid of debris that may have accumulated during the last winter.

After all the sawing, nipping and sorting, you can’t keep all that disposable material in your backyard or else your goal of cleaning up would become a moot point. Discarding your waste away should come easy if you get help from a company offering dumpster rental in Fairfax VA.

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(Article Excerpt from VDOT crews try to keep pace with fast-growing grass, Fairfax Times.com)

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