If you’re a landlord with one or more properties or even an apartment complex, you have probably experienced a tenant who disappears leaving their property behind. Dealing with the mess the left behind is a headache and irritating. One of the first things you should do when you discover you have a lot of junk to dispose of is call a roll-off dumpster company to schedule delivery of a dumpster. Here are some reasons why.


Roll-Off Dumpsters are Cheaper

You may think that you have free curbside pickup for trash, but when there are large items or more than what fits in the trash cans, your garbage company won’t take everything. That leaves you with three options:

  • You can schedule a company to come and take it away, which typically includes not only disposal fees but also removal or loading of the trash.
  • Multiple trips to the dump can be time consuming and expensive if you don’t have a large enough vehicle to handle everything in one load.
  • Roll-off dumpster rentals can be schedule for drop off and removal on your schedule for a flat fee.

They’re More Convenient

If you’re a landlord, you may have other things to do like a full-time job. Waiting around while a junk removal company cleans things out has to be done on their schedule, not yours. When a roll-off dumpster is left on the property, it’s there for you before work, after work and on the weekends when you’re available to clean things out. Plus, when you’re done, you just call the company and schedule a pick up. You don’t even need to be there during the pick-up.

Easier Accounting

Whether you find the person who caused the cleanout or not, having one invoice for the roll-off dumpster is easier than multiple receipts for gas, mileage and disposal at the dump. It’s also easier than hiring another company and paying their invoice plus computing your time into the excess cost of the previous tenant. When you can’t recover the costs, it’s easier for your accountant to handle the one receipt. Plus, it’s far easier to justify all of the expense than the other methods if you ever need to.

If you’re a landlord and need a roll-off dumpster for property cleanout, we can help. Call Handyman Cans and we’ll have the right size dumpster delivered to the property and provide you with the receipt you need for accounting purposes. Call us today at (571) 292-1403 to inquire about rates or schedule a delivery today.

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