Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner using a dumpster rental company, you want to stay within budget on the job you’re doing. That means avoiding overage costs in all aspects, even your dumpster rental. There are two ways you end up paying your dumpster rental company more than you planned; taking too long on the job or overfilling the dumpster either in too much weight or over the fill line. Here are some tips to help you avoid overage fees.

Plan Well

Most business owners understand the size dumpster they’ll need. Homeowners sometimes know and other times aren’t sure. Your dumpster rental company can guide you to the right size based on your project. If you’re in doubt about the amount of debris or the weight, go a size up. One example is if you’re tearing out a wall, for about ever four feet of drywall with an eight-foot ceiling will weigh just over 50 pounds. Renting the larger size now may cost a bit more up front but will save you considerably in the end by avoiding overage fees.

Read the Details of Your Rental

Some rental companies charge by the week, others charge by the day. If you only budgeted for a one-week rental and don’t finish the job prior to the end of the week, you may end up paying double what you budgeted. Know what your dumpster rental company rental periods are and plan your needs and work accordingly.

Buy a Blue Tarp

If there is any rain in the forecast during your dumpster rental period, spend about $10 on a blue tarp to cover the dumpster. Debris weighs considerably more when wet. In fact, in can more than double the weight! This is one of the easiest ways to avoid overage fees.

Not Everything is Garbage

If you’re doing a renovation and have a perfectly good sink that you just don’t like, consider donating it to Habit for Humanity. They also accept cabinets and other working appliances. You may find that you don’t need as large a dumpster as you once thought by careful demolition so that you can donate large items.

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