Our prompt service and great pricing will make your clean up project easy from start to finish.





Pick The Right Dumpster For Your Next Project!

Pick The Right
Dumpster For Your
Next Project!

      Our prompt service and great pricing will make
      your clean up project easy from start to finish.





      Pick The Right
      Dumpster For Your Next Project!

      Pick The Right
      Dumpster For Your
      Next Project!

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          * Additional charges may apply
          PLEASE NOTE – we are not able to remove household trash, paint, hazardous materials, concrete or dirt. Contact us for more information.

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          No Project Too Big Or Too Small

          As the leading dumpster rental service in Northern Virginia, Handyman Cans is proud to offer a large selection of dumpsters to meet any need. Renting a dumpster can make many jobs easier including home or basement cleanout, residential or commercial remodeling and renovation projects, construction site cleanup, move-in preparation or move-out cleaning and more.

          We’re the dumpster rental company Fairfax, VA homeowners and business people alike can count on, Handyman Cans puts your satisfaction first. We work to make sure that you receive the service you need and respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. Our employees are happy to serve you and will always greet you with a smile and cheerful attitude.

          We take the time to understand your job so that your dumpster rental in Northern Virginia is neither too big nor too small, saving you both frustration and money.

          Years Established

          Satisfied Customers..and growing!

          Cans & Can’ts

          We get a lot of questions from our newer customers, and these are some of the most frequently asked:

          What Sizes of Dumpsters Do You Have?

          We offer 5-Yard, 12-Yard, 16-Yard, 20-Yard, and 30-Yard Dumpsters, because Handyman Cans specializes in delivering the best dumpster rental service in Northern Virginia and we’ve taken all of the guesswork out of choosing the right dumpster size by focusing on the most commonly requested – and most popular – dumpster rentals in Fairfax, VA. By doing so, our Residential & Commercial customers always get the best price, best service and best turnaround time in town!

          When is the Best Time to Reserve My Dumpster?
          Handyman Cans inventory is ready to meet the needs for dumpster rental customers throughout Northern Virginia, including last-minute requests. Contact us as soon as you know you need a dumpster and Handyman Cans will work to get it scheduled for you.
          How Do I Know Which Size Dumpster I Need?

          It’s a goal of Handyman Cans to keep things as simple, efficient and cost effective for our customers and ourselves, so to streamline the reservation process – and help remove much of the uncertainty most Commercial & Residential customers have experienced with other dumpster rental services – Handyman Cans focuses on providing only the most requested & most popular dumpster sizes, which are currently the 5-Cubic Yard Dumpster, 12-Cubic Yard Dumpster, 16-Cubic Yard Dumpster, 20-Cubic Yard Dumpster and 30-Cubic Yard Dumpster.

          With each Handyman Cans dumpster, you get:

          • A professionally maintained & delivered trash dumpster in the size of your choice:
          • The most competitive pricing for Trash Dumpster Rentals in Northern Virginia.
          • Committed service and support from Northern Virginia’s best dumpster provider!
          How Much Can I Fit Into a Dumpster?

          Handyman Cans dumpsters come in 3 great sizes

          5 Cubic Yard Dumpster (12’ Long x 2’ Height x 8’ Wide)
          The 5-Yard Dumpster is about the same size as 1 1/2 Pickup Trucks
          12 Cubic Yard Dumpster (12’ Long x 4’ Height x 8’ Wide)
          The 12-Yard Dumpster is about the same size as 2 1/2 Pickup Trucks
          16 Cubic Yard Dumpster (12’ Long x 6’ Height x 8’ Wide)
          The 16-Yard Dumpster is about the same size as 4 Pickup Trucks
          20-Cubic Yard Dumpster (14’ Long x 5’ Height x 8’ Wide)
          The 20-Yard Dumpster is about the same size as 6 Pickup Trucks
          30-Cubic Yard Dumpster (22’ Long x 6’ Height x 8’ Wide)
          The 30-Yard Dumpster is about the same size as 8 Pickup Trucks!

          HandymansCans is confident one of our conveniently sized dumpsters will fit your needs…and if your project is a bit bigger, we’d be happy to provide you a custom quote for multiple dumpster units.

          What CAN'T I Put in a Dumpster?
          There are some definite no-no’s in terms of what you can and cannot safely put into any dumpster. These include:

          • Paint
          • Concrete Items, or Concrete Mix
          • Chemicals and Fertilizers
          • Bleach and other Cleaning Agents
          • Hazardous Waste Products, including Medical Waste
          • Gas, including Freon
          • Any Oils, including Automotive Oils, Cooking Oils, and other Fluids

          Handyman Cans will review the list of what can & cannot go into a dumpster when you reserve your dumpster rental, and you can Search By Zip Code to find available collection sites for your State Regulated materials.

          Quick Dumpster Estimate

          Quick Dumpster Estimate

          Client Testimonials

          “They Gave Us Great Advice”

          “After my father passed away, my siblings and I held an estate sale for many of his belongings. But like many ‘depression-era babies’, we also found out he had built up quite a collection of boxes for holding other boxes, volumes of magazines, which did not do well over the decades in the basement, and possibly every wire hanger our local dry cleaner ever produced! There were a lot of great memories in the house, along with a ton of trash, which couldn’t be sold, or donated. Handyman Cans made a big difference in the cleanup process for us. Instead of having to find a place in the house to put all of the trash as we worked out the best way to get rid of it, their dumpster made sorting the good from the bad a much simpler task. Handyman Cans gave us some great clean-out advice, and a reasonable price for a dumpster rental. I’ve never rented a dumpster before, but if I ever do again, I’ll be calling Handyman Cans.”


          Home Owner, Manassas, VA

          “Handyman Cans gets a perfect score…”

          “I highly recommend you use Handyman Cans for any of your commercial or residential waste management needs. Every Summer, the outgoing students leave anything they don’t want, or can’t fit into their cars, and it’s up to me to get things cleared out before we move any new students in! I’ve used other dumpster services, but sometimes ran into challenges with their pricing, their punctuality, or even their personality. Handyman Cans gets a perfect score in all three categories from me!


          Apartment Manager, Warrenton, VA

          “I’m telling everyone how nice it was to work with you!”

          “Thank you for helping us out on our recent emergency dumpster rental! While the flooding didn’t destroy too much of our inventory, our cabinet bases and flooring were all ruined, so once we were able to get the OK from our insurance provider, being able to haul the wet stuff out, and install the new floors & display cases was made quite a bit easier with your dumpster. On a side note, our installers appreciated your willingness to extend the dumpster rental for a few day so they could simply discard their materials on-site, rather than haul everything away in their trucks. One of them even gave me a discount, because he didn’t have to pay his own dumping fee to the city! I honestly never thought I’d be writing such nice things about a dumpster, but I am. I’m also telling everyone how nice it was to work with you!


          Business Owner, Fairfax, VA

          “I have had nothing but positive and successful experiences with Handyman Cans”

          “Thank you for the excellent work that your company is doing. I just wanted to say what a pleasure it has been for my wife and I to work with Lisa in the front office. She does an outstanding job every time we call in.

          I wanted to lift up one of your employees—Josh, the driver who came out, did an absolutely fantastic job picking up and dropping off the dumpster. He was professional, friendly and polite. He was a very sharp young man and his conduct speaks very highly of your company.
          I have ordered numerous dumpsters in the past and worked in this industry for many years. Josh really stood out as someone who took pride in what he does. He even thanked me for wanting to be there. He took very little time in dropping off and picking up the dumpster. He knew exactly what he was doing each time. I just ask that you treat him good, which I am sure you are already doing. He is a great employee.
          I have had nothing but positive and successful experiences with Handyman Cans every time I order a dumpster. I would recommend your company to anyone we know. I project nothing but expansion and growth for your company.
          Keep up the good work!”

          Business Owner, Manassas, VA

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